Until now, for a company to consider offering a food service to their staff it meant investing valuable financial, physical and personnel resources.

Not anymore, we have a solution...

Lunches Ready from Suppers Ready, A new concept for Corporate Catering to the Irish Market.
Lunches Ready has merged Suppers Ready’s proven lunchtime menu with an on-line ordering and
management information system for our corporate customers

A quick bite of our history…
Founded in 1998 Suppers Ready was the first food outlet of its kind to offer a takeaway and delivery menu with a difference. Producing a range of freshly made starters, main courses, salads and desserts, cooked using no preservatives or additives, Suppers Ready set about offering a healthy alternative to home cooking for busy working people. After a couple of months trading Suppers Ready received a lot of requests from the corporate market for both lunch time and evening meals. Recognising the needs of their corporate
clients, Suppers Ready has developed over the last eight years an extensive, flexible and quality lunch time menu.
Developed with our software partners www.quidico.ro, we set out to deliver a hi-tech food management system, to control and manage every aspect of providing a comprehensive food solution for our corporate customers. We merged our proven lunchtime menu with an on-line ordering and management information system, offering extensive flexibility and control to our customers. This product is now being launched as Lunches Ready. The Lunches Ready website makes this technology available to all our
customers making it a real alternative to traditional forms of in-house catering.

How Lunches Ready works…
Lunches Ready works simply as follows
• Each employee is set up on the system with a unique user name &
• Each employee can log on and add their lunch order to an overall company
• The food is delivered at an agreed time to the office individually packed and
• Companies can allow a full or partial contribution per employee the balance
deducted from employees wages
• Full itemised reporting available to the companies accounts department
Lunches Ready will invoice the company the total cost of all food supplied
to the company on a monthly basis
What is required…
The company will require access to the Internet.
A small amount of kitchen equipment will also be required to reheat certain
menu items and offer adequate refrigeration to hold the food. A corporate
administrator will need to set up each employee and maintain the records as
staff come and go.
Our menu…
At the core of our Lunches Ready menu remains our original food ethos, fresh,
healthy, interesting and affordable food.
Hundreds of products to choose
• Sandwiches, soups, salads, main meals, desserts, fruits, snacks etc.
• Freshly prepared with no preservatives or additives
• Menus changing weekly
• Individually labeled & packaged
Pick & Mix Salad
Benefits to your Company…
• Full food offering with no capital outlay - from a soup and sandwich to a
three course meal
• Valuable Office Space is not being taken up by canteen
• No in-house management of caterers
• No annual fees
Lunches Ready can be a time saving device in busy offices. Staff don't
need to leave the office to get lunch.
• Company can offer a contribution to their staff against their daily food cost,
a fixed amount per day or by percentage spend on total amount
• The daily contribution can be flexible to allow the company to contribute up
to 100% for special projects, month end deadline etc.
• By offering a contribution to their staff food cost, a company is offering a
direct saving to the employee, rather than investing resources in a canteen.
Lunches Ready is flexible. Due to the fact that there is virtually no setup
cost and negligible administration a company can test the system out to
determine its suitability with practically no down side.
Lunches Ready, using the same system, in partnership with Suppers
Ready can also offer an evening delivery service, where meals can be
delivered hot.
• Service available 7 days, day & night
• It is an extra service for staff with practically no cost to the company
• Higher level of job satisfaction resulting in reduced staff turnover
• Evening and night staff will have a quality evening meal service without the
cost of maintaining a canteen for a small number of staff.
Benefits to your Accountant...
• The system is secure as each staff member has their own username and
• The system offers complete traceability of who ordered what and when.
• The system will report by employee, payroll number or department in total
or detailing the spend per day, week, month etc.
• The payroll department can generate a report of spend by employee,
contribution by company and amount due by employee. Any overspend
above the company daily allowance can be deducted from the employees
• Any employee can check his/her overspend that has been deducted from
their wages themselves under their user history, therefore no queries need
• The heads of departments can be given passwords to increase the
company’s contribution when certain staff are working late or on special
projects. Leading to proper approval of any extra spend and clearly
traceable expenses.
• The system is full traceable by user and by department. The accounts
department will know exactly what section to charge the company’s portion
of the cost. This will save a lot of time and effort.
Lunches Ready will invoice the company once a month and the company
accounts department will have access to the same information as Lunches
Ready and therefore there will be no problems in reconciliation.
• The company will pay one cheque per month to Lunches Ready and the
staff will get any overspend deducted directly from their salary.
Benefits to your Staff...
• Offer staff a convenient, quality healthy food service at work
• Staff will save money buying from Lunches Ready compared to retail outlets
• Staff can relax or do something they want to do with their break rather than
spending their lunch break queuing
• Your company have the option to contribute on a daily basis, a fixed
amount or percentage of spend.
• This contribution can vary as required by employee’s package / grade etc.
• No admin in collecting or faxing orders
• Advance order system for shift workers
• Evening and night staff will have a quality evening meal service.